A quite illuminating post from Mother Jones. Apparently, a good deal of the recent crazy talk from the far-right of the GOP (i.e., it’s leadership) is based in the teachings of an amateur historian from Texas (of course). He’s teaching them, among other things, that the Founding Fathers debated evolution vs. creationism, and ended up siding with creationism.

Funny, then, that Darwin wasn’t even born until 1809, and didn’t write the Origin of the Species until 1859. As MoJo notes, those Founding Fathers had to be pretty prescient to debate a theory in 1776 that wasn’t fully formed until they were all long dead.

GOP’s favorite historian: Founding Fathers opposed Darwin, even though Darwin not born yet. (The FF used leeches too.)

I totally did not catch that before when I reblogged that video. That being said,


Well, someone got caught with their pants down pulling facts out of their ass, didn’t they?

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